Monday, September 14, 2015

Why we secretly love Littlefinger

No? Just me? Don't be afraid to declare it!

For those who know who I'm talking about he is AKA Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones or if you don't, watch it already!

This is he.
From Season 1, I was like, yup, he's my favorite character after Tyrion. I don't know why he has so many haters. The poor guy doesn't even have a fanlisting for gosh sake!

I will always be Hammy's #1!
Sure, he betrayed Ned Stark by not giving him support of the gold cloaks which ultimately led to Ned's imprisonment and beheading (noooo, Sean Bean!). But, on the other hand what if things all went as planned, he gave Ned the gold cloak's support, Cersei gets banished, the Iron Throne is in Ned's care and, what then, The End? The only reason we got so many volumes of books and excellent seasons of TV shows was because of Petyr's first betrayal!

And you know it baby
That doesn't give excuse for his actions because he betrays A LOT of people, but this is GAME OF THRONES people. You win or you die. If I remember correctly, they gave Littlefinger's actor the actual "Game of Thrones" line when he was chitchatting with Varys in the throne room back in Season whatever so you see how important this theme is.

I'm gonna be jumping around here, but didn't we all just cheer inside when Littlefinger pushed Sansa's aunt Lysa through the Moon Door? I was like, finally, that crazy a** b**** is dead!

Finally a death that I can celebrate! I've always held a soft spot for Sansa and really don't think she deserves all the hate that she gets either, so glad that she got rescued by my man Littlefinger!

Afterwards, he promptly pimps her out to a crazier a** person named Ramsay Bastard Snow Bolton which made me very sad but we can see how she became stronger because of the horrible things that happens to her.

In the books, her storyline gets incredibly boring as she stays in the Vale and still acts like a little girl instead of the woman she is inside, so do we have Petyr Baelish to thank? Kind of but not really yes!

Does it sound like I'm grabbing at straws here? I surely am but Petyr is the underdog not only in fans but his entire life story so I think we should give him a little moment in the spotlight.

I honestly don't know how he went from rags to riches in the novels because that is never explored but surely, he had to do some pretty disgusting things in order to get to the position that he's at. If you can't really picture it, just think about sleeping with Lysa Arryn after marrying her and you'll know what I mean.

Hell no! Nice tits though....
In fact, he's probably slept with A LOT of people. I mean, the man is a pimp for gosh sake!

And I do mean literally
Would that not also indicate some sort of prowess in bed? Well, someone had to say it!

My imaginary musings can go on and on. But I think the MAIN reason we all secretly love Littlefinger is because he cleverly orchestrated the killing of THAT LITTLE SHIT JOFFREY!

Oh, how I love this scene!
So you see, Littlefinger has actually helped us kill a lot of characters that we don't like, more than the ones we do like. He didn't actually kill Ned Stark, either, that was all on Joffrey.

Have I been able to convince all the haters? I think all of us have a little "Littlefinger" love inside. Okay, that sounded wrong.

If you can't get enough of this mustachioed man, please visit the Why we love Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish Tumblr. Because that's where I got all of these awesome gifs!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Was chatting with my cousin the other day about books when the topic invariably changed to silverfish.

I had somehow forgotten what the little buggers look like so I googled them just now out of curiosity and immediately got goosebumps AT THE HORROR. Seriously. Like, I couldn't even look at the pictures because I am deathly afraid of all bugs. I thought goosebumps only happened to people in horror movies. Perhaps they should make a horror movie about silverfish if they haven't already. What? They have
I refuse to have my blog infested with silverfish
so here's what I will picture from now on.
I thought silverfish book eaters only happened to people in hot moist environments like southeast asia! Then it just occurred to me that he lives on the LA coastline while I also live by the coast where we get a lot of rain so...huh....

I mean, I buy a lot of secondhand books so this can be a problem! I found the below silverfish damaged book image from Wikipedia kinda just looks like regular wear and tear.

Yummier to eat, not to read!
How can I tell??

I just scanned my bookshelf and I think the muckiest book that I found would be this one:
I'm sorry Steven Erikson, I will never buy used books ever again.
Now are those bug eaten edges or am I seeing things? I'm getting super paranoid! They even tore through the cover!!

I want to hold all my used books wearing latex gloves and at least 2 feet from my face now. Perhaps I should get with the times and start using an e-reader. Oh wait, my e-reader is busted! Aaaaarrrgh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reading is a soliltairy affair....

Us poor readers, forever misunderstood. How many times have you heard the comment: "All you wanna do is read? You're so boring!"

Is reading boring? Well, it certainly isn't a dangerous activity, unless you count getting a paper cut. But through the written word, we get transported on adventures that may feel dangerous in our minds. Isn't that all that matters, that feeling that we get? Do we not also do dangerous activities for that same feeling as well?

Speaking of dangerous activities...I personally think that reading is like having an affair. You secretly develop all these hopes and passions with your characters that no one will know about except you. Unless, of course, someone else is reading the exact same novel as you, in which case you can give each other a knowing smirk, or get completely jealous that someone else feels so strongly about the same book as you do. See what I mean about having an affair?

Passionate readers often have to defend their lovers love of books. No one will understand why this relationship book is so important to you. Thank goodness my husband hasn't caught on. He just sees my book as an inert sheaf of paper. He even plays tricks on me by pulling out my bookmark and sticking it in a random page when I'm not looking. What a juvenile man. Unlike my book.

Some of us are so guilty of our affairs that we never read our books in public, for fear of being ridiculed. I don't know why, but whenever I pull out my Vampire Hunter D while waiting in a public area, I feel like all eyes are watching and I can never truly enjoy myself. I applaud those readers who just lay on a spot of grass and hold their book up like a trophy. I can never do that.

Yet why do I still insist on putting my book in my purse, even though I may not always have time for it? Because when you do have time for it and it's not around...complete disappointment. 

I think there's a reason why we all love to read books in bed. It's a place of relaxation and intimacy (with our books). You can't really get to know your book unless you're in a quiet place with little distractions and what better place than in the comfort of your bed? (unless you're that grass person who likes to lay with their book in public). It can be the last thing you see before you fall asleep or it can keep you up all night reading. Isn't that wild? 

Thankfully, I am able to separate my book versus life with my husband so you won't see me falling asleep with my book in my arms. Keith does, however, occasionally fall asleep while clutching his cell phone overnight which completely drains the battery. Sometimes it makes me wonder....

So, is an affair with your book worth dying for? Would you throw everything away just to read it? I don't really know, but if the scenario ever comes up in which you're so engrossed with your book that you completely forget about the world around you...that you're unaware that your house is on fire or your hair is on fire...then you really need to put your book down.

Afterwards, when you've put your life back in order and you're completely finished with your book and ready to move on, then please don't throw your book to the curb. Cherish it, along with all those other memories on your bookshelf, or please pass the book to me.

For I am dying to know what you're reading.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Game of Thrones bedtime story

Was trying to put baby Luna to sleep last night but she was so hyper and alert that I decided to just go, "screw it", and continue reading the conclusion to the Game of Thrones graphic novel in bed while she rolls around next to me.

better than Rock-a-Bye baby

Supposedly you can start reading to your child any time to build good habits and bonding so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone while she still doesn't understand a thing (and I really want to finish this!).

So in my best faux-British accent I recount the adventures of Tyrion ordered to become the next Hand of the King, Robb being crowned King of the North by his bannermen, and Daenerys giving birth to dragons!

All while I'm doing this, she gazes at me in puzzlement, snuggles in while looking at the drawings (no sex scenes, thank God), then rolls onto her back while doing STUFF THAT BABIES DO. And she's wide awake, dammit!

This is when Keith innocently walks in and I'm like, farewell! (suckers!) as I zip past him and dash downstairs while he gets the momentous and thankless task of putting our daughter to sleep.

So, in conclusion, reading A Game of Thrones picture book graphic novel will not put your baby to sleep. Perhaps I got too excited reading as my monotone quickly crescendoed into operatic qualities. Or maybe my faux British accents are just horrible. But at least I tried, okay?

I'm glad there's no internet

Keith was freaking out the other day when the power went down. What with the recent storms heralding autumn he lost the internets!

Well, sure, I guess it's not a big deal to use data on the phones but he's the type of guy who would be watching League of Legends from on his tablet while playing probably Marvel Heroes on his computer while ALSO playing that new Dragonball game on his phone. So you see how he would make such a great fuss about losing the internets.

League of Legends: The Bane of all Wives

And this is where I go, "Ha ha!" For I am the reader of BOOKS and any reader of books does not require the internet! Only self-discipline, concentration, and a vast IMAGINATION. As you can see, Keith is clearly lacking in the third.

So while he is grumbling and stomping around like Cro-Magnon man, here I am boasting and scoffing as my highly evolved form cracks open a book old school because I lost the internet too.

A second later the internet cracks back on and I'm like "Whuh?" as he cheers in triumph and promptly stomps away back to our Command Center (the Command Center is like the ultimate room/shrine in the house where he houses all his games and I keep all my books - duly named because our computer desks sit across the room from each other).

I'm a little disappointed but I shrug my shoulders and follow him in because I was in the middle of doing something on the computer too. Like somehow having a lack of something makes you clamor for it more the instant it returns.

So in conclusion:

Internet: 1, Books: 0

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

About Emily

My little niece Emily created a book recommendations blog! So cute! She is only 10 years old but I'm so proud of her for delving into the world of blogging; it is so easy to make a webpage nowadays unlike back in the day when we had to type in HTML line for line.

She LOVES reading books - kinda reminds me of myself at her age, seeing her flip through Archie comics. She also reads young adult novels with beautiful covers, as well as those Ever After High hardcovers with illustrations. I wish I had books like that at her age!

I need an excuse to read this.
Maybe Emily will lend it to me?

I got so excited that I almost told her that I had a book blog too, to set a good example but then I realized...ah...this blog isn't really appropriate for children so...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hodor's little hodor

So I'm reading the Game of Thrones graphic novel when I come across THIS panel:
Hodor says hi!
Um...WOAH! I don't recall seeing full frontal male nudity in the tv show, only gratuitous butt shots or female boobs and pubis. I applaud the artist of the graphic novel for not being afraid to go all the way. FYI this was found in Issue #17.

Oddly enough, Khal Drogo's little drogo is not quite so formidable as Hodor's little hodor, or maybe it's just the angle because the view from Drogo's panel is top down, which I will neglect to post here. You can just take my word for it. 

Twice in one issue, I'm impressed! But not as impressed as Hodor's new female fans.


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