Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm glad there's no internet

Keith was freaking out the other day when the power went down. What with the recent storms heralding autumn he lost the internets!

Well, sure, I guess it's not a big deal to use data on the phones but he's the type of guy who would be watching League of Legends from on his tablet while playing probably Marvel Heroes on his computer while ALSO playing that new Dragonball game on his phone. So you see how he would make such a great fuss about losing the internets.

League of Legends: The Bane of all Wives

And this is where I go, "Ha ha!" For I am the reader of BOOKS and any reader of books does not require the internet! Only self-discipline, concentration, and a vast IMAGINATION. As you can see, Keith is clearly lacking in the third.

So while he is grumbling and stomping around like Cro-Magnon man, here I am boasting and scoffing as my highly evolved form cracks open a book old school because I lost the internet too.

A second later the internet cracks back on and I'm like "Whuh?" as he cheers in triumph and promptly stomps away back to our Command Center (the Command Center is like the ultimate room/shrine in the house where he houses all his games and I keep all my books - duly named because our computer desks sit across the room from each other).

I'm a little disappointed but I shrug my shoulders and follow him in because I was in the middle of doing something on the computer too. Like somehow having a lack of something makes you clamor for it more the instant it returns.

So in conclusion:

Internet: 1, Books: 0


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