Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reading is a soliltairy affair....

Us poor readers, forever misunderstood. How many times have you heard the comment: "All you wanna do is read? You're so boring!"

Is reading boring? Well, it certainly isn't a dangerous activity, unless you count getting a paper cut. But through the written word, we get transported on adventures that may feel dangerous in our minds. Isn't that all that matters, that feeling that we get? Do we not also do dangerous activities for that same feeling as well?

Speaking of dangerous activities...I personally think that reading is like having an affair. You secretly develop all these hopes and passions with your characters that no one will know about except you. Unless, of course, someone else is reading the exact same novel as you, in which case you can give each other a knowing smirk, or get completely jealous that someone else feels so strongly about the same book as you do. See what I mean about having an affair?

Passionate readers often have to defend their lovers love of books. No one will understand why this relationship book is so important to you. Thank goodness my husband hasn't caught on. He just sees my book as an inert sheaf of paper. He even plays tricks on me by pulling out my bookmark and sticking it in a random page when I'm not looking. What a juvenile man. Unlike my book.

Some of us are so guilty of our affairs that we never read our books in public, for fear of being ridiculed. I don't know why, but whenever I pull out my Vampire Hunter D while waiting in a public area, I feel like all eyes are watching and I can never truly enjoy myself. I applaud those readers who just lay on a spot of grass and hold their book up like a trophy. I can never do that.

Yet why do I still insist on putting my book in my purse, even though I may not always have time for it? Because when you do have time for it and it's not around...complete disappointment. 

I think there's a reason why we all love to read books in bed. It's a place of relaxation and intimacy (with our books). You can't really get to know your book unless you're in a quiet place with little distractions and what better place than in the comfort of your bed? (unless you're that grass person who likes to lay with their book in public). It can be the last thing you see before you fall asleep or it can keep you up all night reading. Isn't that wild? 

Thankfully, I am able to separate my book versus life with my husband so you won't see me falling asleep with my book in my arms. Keith does, however, occasionally fall asleep while clutching his cell phone overnight which completely drains the battery. Sometimes it makes me wonder....

So, is an affair with your book worth dying for? Would you throw everything away just to read it? I don't really know, but if the scenario ever comes up in which you're so engrossed with your book that you completely forget about the world around you...that you're unaware that your house is on fire or your hair is on fire...then you really need to put your book down.

Afterwards, when you've put your life back in order and you're completely finished with your book and ready to move on, then please don't throw your book to the curb. Cherish it, along with all those other memories on your bookshelf, or please pass the book to me.

For I am dying to know what you're reading.


thepaperdoll said...

Can't say the same for non fiction.

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