Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Game of Thrones bedtime story

Was trying to put baby Luna to sleep last night but she was so hyper and alert that I decided to just go, "screw it", and continue reading the conclusion to the Game of Thrones graphic novel in bed while she rolls around next to me.

better than Rock-a-Bye baby

Supposedly you can start reading to your child any time to build good habits and bonding so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone while she still doesn't understand a thing (and I really want to finish this!).

So in my best faux-British accent I recount the adventures of Tyrion ordered to become the next Hand of the King, Robb being crowned King of the North by his bannermen, and Daenerys giving birth to dragons!

All while I'm doing this, she gazes at me in puzzlement, snuggles in while looking at the drawings (no sex scenes, thank God), then rolls onto her back while doing STUFF THAT BABIES DO. And she's wide awake, dammit!

This is when Keith innocently walks in and I'm like, farewell! (suckers!) as I zip past him and dash downstairs while he gets the momentous and thankless task of putting our daughter to sleep.

So, in conclusion, reading A Game of Thrones picture book graphic novel will not put your baby to sleep. Perhaps I got too excited reading as my monotone quickly crescendoed into operatic qualities. Or maybe my faux British accents are just horrible. But at least I tried, okay?


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