Thursday, September 10, 2015


Was chatting with my cousin the other day about books when the topic invariably changed to silverfish.

I had somehow forgotten what the little buggers look like so I googled them just now out of curiosity and immediately got goosebumps AT THE HORROR. Seriously. Like, I couldn't even look at the pictures because I am deathly afraid of all bugs. I thought goosebumps only happened to people in horror movies. Perhaps they should make a horror movie about silverfish if they haven't already. What? They have
I refuse to have my blog infested with silverfish
so here's what I will picture from now on.
I thought silverfish book eaters only happened to people in hot moist environments like southeast asia! Then it just occurred to me that he lives on the LA coastline while I also live by the coast where we get a lot of rain so...huh....

I mean, I buy a lot of secondhand books so this can be a problem! I found the below silverfish damaged book image from Wikipedia kinda just looks like regular wear and tear.

Yummier to eat, not to read!
How can I tell??

I just scanned my bookshelf and I think the muckiest book that I found would be this one:
I'm sorry Steven Erikson, I will never buy used books ever again.
Now are those bug eaten edges or am I seeing things? I'm getting super paranoid! They even tore through the cover!!

I want to hold all my used books wearing latex gloves and at least 2 feet from my face now. Perhaps I should get with the times and start using an e-reader. Oh wait, my e-reader is busted! Aaaaarrrgh!


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