Monday, August 17, 2015

Can I borrow D's Left Hand?

Hey there....
As Luna cries yet again as I attempt to vaccuum the floor (she's scared of the vaccuum cleaner, yeeesh) I can't help but fantasize how great it would be to have my very own Left Hand to help around the house.

Vampire Hunter D's parasitic Left Hand has been indispensable to D's adventures, bringing him back to life numerous times, catching blades in its cute little mouth, providing human conversation when D can't be bothered to answer (or too lazy to, I tell you)....

How useful would it be to use Left Hand's gale force wind to suck up all the cobwebs, spiders and dust around the house in one second or less? Kind of like Doraemon's pocket, Left Hand can also store useless crap in its interdimensional storage space mouth!

In fact, Left Hand would make such a great babysitter, he could even change Luna's diaper, catch her when she falls, rock her to sleep at night...

...while simultaneously sing her bawdy lullabies and teach her how to stick up her middle finger.



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